September 6, 2013

Deadline: Crushed

I wanted to have all of the buildings I had painted before my parents arrived for a 2-week stay. The last of the MAS buildings was finished the day before they arrived!

I finished off the MAS leg of the road to DuelCon with two 3-level District 5 Apartments. This hereby completes my portion of the Underground Lasers and Micro Art Studio tables for DuelCon.

First up, I painted one in the same color scheme as all of the Underground Lasers terrain.

 Next, I decided on a yellow building. Why the flip not.

If you haven't bought your DuelCon tickets yet... Well, DO IT! If you wait until the event, it will cost you $10 more. Locals, I'm looking at you. Get signed up for the Infinity side of DuelCon NOW!

You know that one of the top players world-wide is coming, right? We have a metric butt-ton of prize support. Don't let Magno take it all!!!

(We have more prize support than the Warmachine or 40K events have, and we have by far the fewest participants. Everybody's getting something. $55 for 4 days? Priceless.)

Here's the Yellow building recipe:

Base coat VMC 015 Flat Yellow
Shade with P3 Khador Red Highlight
Shade with VMC 130 Purpleheart Red
Shade with P3 Sanguine Base
Highlight with VMC 010 Light Yellow
Highlight with VMC 005 Ivory

Right. Well, I'm off to Las Vegas for 4 days. If you never hear from me again, that means I won all of it.

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  1. Awesome job! Can I ask how you got the etched lines so well defined? I've order a few of these, but I don't airbrush - It'll be my first large terrain pieces so any tips would be greatly appreciated.