July 22, 2014

Warsenal Catwalks

Adding to their sweet line of low-cost terrain products, Warsenal just upped the versatility of the Comanche Barracks with these awesome, fully modular catwalk sets.

There are those cool Octagon Platforms hat have 8 removable walls (you can put ladders and walkways wherever you want), plus each comes with a ladder.

The 40 mm center grate of the platform is removable, and perfect for swapping in an objective marker - like the Warsenal Communications Arrays, perhaps?

Then there's the walkways that connect platforms and barracks to other barracks and/or platforms.  These are the short ones, and there are longer ones coming soon.

Finally, Stairs to get up and down. These link to the barracks or the platforms.

These can be combined however you want, to give you a different layout every game!  You can see them in action at GenCon in a few weeks.

You can find the recipe for the green in my Post about the Comanche Barracks from last week.

The "Steel" parts are VMC 160 Neutral Grey, highlighted with 155 Light Grey, and White. Then shaded with 166 Dark Grey and black. Tones are added in with 070 Bluegreen and 056 Flat Blue. 
Rust is added with 131 Orange Brown + 137 Cavalry Brown.
The damage is P3 Umbral Umber, applied by stippling with some blister pack foam.

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  1. Tom

    You need to move closer to Chicago so you can paint these for me. I will pay up in Eagles jerseys.