August 9, 2014

Infinity - Operation: Icestorm Fusiliers

Getting the contents of Operation: Icestorm painted up, beginning with the PanOceania models. First up, Fusiliers 2 & 3 (The first one was completed well before I got the box; you can see here HERE).

The blue armor was airbrushed to save time and to create a very polished, sci-fi look. After a base coat of VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue, the main color is a mix of Dark Prussian Blue and 070 Blue Green. A little more Blue Green is added to the mix for the first highlight, then two successive highlights are added adding more white to the mix for each.

After the airbrushing, the models are dark-lined with RMS Blue Liner and then edge highlighted with the final highlight color, and then pure white.

I airbrushed 16-20 models when I did these guys, and the entire batch was finished in about 2 1/4 hours. These models were part of a group of 6 that I worked on together, and I estimate that the airbrush knocked 10-12 hours off the total time vs blending all the blue armor by hand.


  1. Thanks for sharing your process and recipes. Can't wait to get mine done! Awesome work!

    Any chance of showing off the Nomads in the same way?

  2. Very nice. Some people think that airbrushing is cheating but its just a tool. I've just started airbrushing Deadzone terrain but will try airbrushing some models. Any tips for a newbie?

  3. Yeah I'm looking for a good paint set and airbrush that a new painter can handle. I dislike having to buy paint, bottle by bottle because i'll sit down and realize that i could use a paint that i don't have.

  4. Hi there, probably they have asked you this thing 1000 times but... who's the producer of those amazing PanO bases you've used for your models? Thank you!

  5. Do you mind sharing the khaki color you used for the pants?

  6. Do you mind sharing the khaki color you used for the pants?