January 6, 2014

Eagles Green Car

The day the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East title, I painted one of the fabulous sic-fi cars made by Antenociti's Workshop.  Somewhat like voodoo, I painted it in the Eagles' Midnight Green color to help the team's juju.  And it worked!

I got five or six of their vehicles to help populate the streets of my urban Infinity table.  Darn fun to paint, and pretty quick, too - I finished this in about 2 1/2 hours.

You can afford that on a Fusilier's salary?!?

The Midnight Green was made mixing 2 parts P3 Gnarls Green with 3 parts VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue.  The first highlight added a drop of VMC Dark Sand to the mix. The next 2 highlights I added pure white to the mix.

Windows were Black, P3 Coal Black, P3 Exile Blue, P3 Cygnar Base, P3 Cygnar Highlight, VMC Azure, and White.

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