January 12, 2014

PanOceania TAG: Cutter

Instead of tanks in Infinity, they have TAGs: Tactical Armored Gear. PanOceania has the most advanced TAGs, and the most variety. The Cutter is an amphibious, naval chasseur, cloaked in Thermo-Optical Camouflage and wielding a MULTI-HMG (and Heavy Flamethrower).

Truth be told, I'm not super happy with it. I mean - I'm not going to throw it in the trash or give it away, but it's certainly not my favorite.

I began super-excited to get started on it... And then it was a chore to finish.  If I were to do it again (and I won't), I would either make a much brighter, shinier blue, like chromed blue metal - or make the blue more the color of the sea, with more green to it. As it is, I feel decidedly "meh" about it.

  • VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue
  • VMC 051 Prussian Blue
  • VMC 058 Field Blue
  • VMC 155 Light Grey
  • White
  • Shade VMC 100 Black Green
  • Shade Black


  1. PI don't know, man. Looks pretty awesome if ya ask me. I painted one of these a while back and loved it, but you've done a much better job than I could ever have done.

  2. It's a funny phenomenon as your painting improves it becomes harder and harder to settle on anything less than 100%. The cutter looks amazing and I bet most readers seeing this would be over the moon with the result. But I feel your pain Schadelz....

  3. How did you get the shading on the upper thigh, chest above the numbers and the lower part of knee plate? I am "borrowing" your style for my Cutter. Love your work.