October 24, 2014

Yu Jing - Keisotsu Butai

I have painted a full, 300-point Yu Jing army list with an emphasis on Heavy Infantry, the Yu Jing speciality. This is the first completed "Complete Infinity Army" from the service that I am currently offering. Over the next several days, I will be sharing the various units from the army.

Up first are the line infantry. These Keisotsu models still hold up over time, and can be 9-point "cheerleaders," or represent the Forward Observer or Paramedic versions, if you want to field them as Specialists for missions.

The black is done by base-coating Black (Say WHAAaaaat?!?), then airbrush highlighting VMC 168 Black Grey, 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, and then mixing white into the Light Grey. After airbrushing, I went back in with a brush and used Black and Dark Grey to line and shade, and used Light Grey and Light Grey + White to do the edge highlighting.

The base toppers are the excellent Tunguska Bases from my friends at Warsenal.

They add some height to the bases, but not so much that it looks awkward in any way. And with the new silhouette rules in Infinity 3rd Edition, it doesn't matter if he's on a 3" exotic wood plinth or a communion wafer... Do what you think looks cool. And if you stick them on top of the included black plastic Infinity bases, you can still take advantage of the magnet mount rings underneath to magnetize your models for contact-less transport.

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  1. They look great Tom, I like having a little bit of height to the mini with bases. The Orange is fantastically done :-)