December 14, 2014

Yu Jing - Hac Tao HMG

First let me apologize for not updating in so long; Last time we were all here, I said I was going to update over several days with all of the Yu Jing models I had painted for a 300-pt army. Then... I did not.

Apparently, this was a mental hiccup, as I posted all the images to the MayaCast Facebook page, and apparently assumed that I had finished up here as well...

As the scholar once said: "Whoops."

So, here we are, back on track! Up first, the Hac Tao HMG. Need to get him up before the brand new sculpt is revealed in the next few weeks...

Instead of the traditional black, the Hac Tao follows the scheme of the army - Very Imperial Service inspired with black undersuits, orange armor and white chest and face plates.

The orange of the armor that is repeated throughout the army is VMC 131 Orange Brown <> VGC Scrofulous Brown <> White; then shaded with 137 Cavalry Brown, and then with 146 Hull Red (also used for dark-lining).

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