December 15, 2014

Yu Jing - Celestial Guard Hacker

The Celestial Guard Hacker is not heavy infantry (the theme of this army), but does a good job defending them and of securing objectives. And with Infinity Third Edition now arriving, becomes even more useful with all those cool new Hacking Programs!

I painted the screens and any "glowy bits" in the army by basing with VMC Emerald <> 011 Lemon Yellow <> 013 Ice Yellow. Sometimes I would need to go back to the Emerald to add shading back in.

1 comment:

  1. Those bases are always nuts. I never imagined the Tugunska bases in such a bright color. I share your sentiments from the podcast though about the rocks and such. I pin my guys to a bit of plasticard "stair" or something when they come like that.