December 23, 2014

PanOceania - Fusiliers

The next commission on the docket was for two armies based on the complete 300-point armies found in Operation: Icestorm.  The client wanted the armies to look as close to the "Official Studio" paint jobs as possible. I'm no Angel Giraldez, but I tried my best!

First up, we have the new PanOceania Fusiliers.

As often as available, I used the recipes straight from Angel Giraldez. So the khakis began with VMC 142 Field Drab and were highlighted with 123 Dark Sand, adding in 005 Ivory for further highlights. The lining and shadows were done with 149 Chocolate Brown.

The Olive Drab of the other half of the pants began with VMC 149 Chocolate Brown, then highlighted 143 Flat Earth <> 123 Dark Sand, and shaded with black. Instead of a smooth blend, short strokes and cross-hatches were used to chieve a sense of cloth texture.

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