December 22, 2014

Yu Jing - Zuyong with HMG

The Zuyong - The Terracotta Soldiers - are the new basic troop for the upcoming Yu Jing heavy infantry sectorial, the "Invincible Army." They feature the newly sculpted base platform for all Yu Jing heavy infantry.

The first release features the HMG trooper. Can't wait to see the rest.

And, finally, the Family Portait of the entire Yu Jing Heavy Infantry-themed Army:

And, a very nice review of my service was left by the client on the Data Sphere Forums:

Tom Schadle Miniatures is the fourth painting service I have used in the last 5 years. It has been, by far, the best experience I have had with a miniature painting service. At the time that Tom announced his Complete Infinity Army package through his podcast: Mayacast (, I was already six months involved with REDACTED to have a 300 point Combined Army painted. I made contact with Tom on September 26th to paint a Yu Jing Heavy Infantry 300 point list and 4 weeks later, I had 9 beautiful Yu Jing minis on my shelf, and still no Combined Army.
Everything about my experience with TSM was excellent, from communication to follow-up. The models are absolutely gorgeous! If you follow Mayacast you have probably seen them on Facebook. There are some images on TSM's blog, but just a few.
Tom helped me make a list based on what I wanted, helped me solidify the paint scheme, assisted in finding bases, sent pictures of all boxes and blisters when they arrived, let me know when the minis were built, sent images of the finished minis for review, packaged the minis for shipment about the best I've had and followed up to make sure I was happy.
Tom uses airbrush and hand brush techniques. Everything is immaculate. The blends, depths, contrasts and highlighting give the minis such a realistic 3D look that it looks like they might take off on their own. ;) 
I highly recommend Tom Schadle Miniatures to anyone interested in showcase miniatures at a price equivalent to other services less impressive ones.

Honestly - Super proud of those very kind words.


  1. Man, this orange is wicked!

    Can you tell me (or better, post a step by step) on how to do this amazing orange armour??

    Amazing stuff you got here!!

    Thanks and regards!

    1. Thanks, man! I don't have a step by step per se, but I did post up the recipe here:

  2. Always painting something to push the rest of us, eh Tom? :) Seriously stellar work, and it really did make me push my blends and color in my own Yu Jing I'm doing.

  3. You wouldn't be able to tell us where you sourced the bases from, would you?