January 2, 2015

PanOceania - Jotum

The Jotum might be the Hardest TAG (Tactical Armored Gear) in Infinity. Huge Armor, great weapons... it's a nightmare for anyone facing it.

The white of the Jotum was painted with VMC 064 Pale Blue <> White, then shaded 157 Dark Bluegrey.

The final family photo of the PanOceania Army:


  1. Beautifully done, Tom. Great to see them all together.

  2. Damn fine work bud. Can you talk a little bit about how you did the rust on the white?

    1. I used VMC Orange Brown and Cavalry brown (mixing freely between the two for darker or lighter areas), thinned down until they are translucent. Don't have a ton of paint on the brush so it doesn't just run all over, and "stain" wherever you want the rust. The flaked paint part is down by stippling using blister pack foam with P3 Umbral Umber and Black.