January 20, 2015

Infinity - JSA Gui Feng Spec Ops

Next up for the Japanese Sectorial Army is the Gui Feng Spec Ops.

There is a Spec Ops model for each faction, and they contain 2 different heads as well as weapon sprues. The model normally comes holding a pistol, but this has been swapped out for a Spitfire.

The orange shoulder plate shows the soldier's association with the Yu Jing Military; the last vestige of his old uniform as he has it repainted for his work within the Yu Jing Sectorial.

The recipe for the orange can be found in the previous Yu Jing army that I painted.

The white that will be featured throughout this army begins with VMC 157 Dark Grey Blue, highlighted with 064 Pale Blue, 153 Pale Greyblue, and White. This is then lined and shadowed with 164 Dark Bluegrey.

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