June 24, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Akalis, Sikh Commando

The next 300-point Infinity army that I have completed is PanOceania. The first model up is a Commando Akal from the Operation: Icestorm starter box.

The bases are the Tunguskan Bases by Warsenal.

They were painted black, then highlighted with VMC 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, and 155 Light Grey. I highlighted the outer edges of the base, leaving the center black to create a central shadow from the model. Then I lined with black and edge highlighted with white. The glow effects were first airbrushed white, and then hit with a quick coat of Ghost Tints "Plasma Fluid."


  1. Another beauty, Tom. Have you ever given thought to doing a youtube (or whatever) video step-by-step instead of/ in addition to your usual series of stills?

  2. Gorgeous! What do you use to prime the models?

  3. Glad to see another project getting some camera time after that break. Looks great, thanks for the colour scheme for the bases. Keep it up - Looks awesome.