June 26, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Peacemaker Armbot with Auxbot

The Peacemaker Armbot comes with its own, synched, Auxbot for support. Roll on up to its position and take an extra Heavy Flamethrower to the face!




The red used in the army for the stripes, cloth, and lights as well begins with a base coat of VMC Burnt Cadmium Red 034. The main color is then applied using Flat Red 031. This is highlighted with a mixture of 2 parts P3 Khador Red Base and 1 part Khador Red Highlight, and then with VGC Hot Orange. Bright Highlights are applied with VMC Light Orange 022, VGC Gold Yellow <> VMC Ice Yellow 013. Shadows are applied with VGC Scarlet Red.

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