July 7, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Family Photos and Army List

Here are some group photos of the completed 300-point PanOceania army.

 Here is the army list:

With the Fusilier as the obvious Lieutenant, you want to tuck him away, hidden in a building somewhere that it will be very difficult for the enemy to get to. Support him with AROs from some of the other models.

The Aquila provides amazing, hard-hitting and survivable fire support with his HMG and MSV3. Auto-Discover is great for PanO who often fail WIP rolls...

The Nisse Sniper locks down objectives or fire lanes from a good perch in your deployment zone. ARM 3 and MSV2 means he can get work done with a good field of fire in cover.

The Hospital Knight Doctor needs to get your Objectives taken care of. He's pretty tough, but watch out for E/M and enemy Hackers. And he can revive fallen comrades if he needs to.

Brother Konstantinos can start infiltrated right by an upfield objective, increasing your order efficiency. If you draw the Sabotage Classified Objective, he starts the game almost on top of his target, and can get those D-Charges planted and detonated right off the bat. Don't forget his Mimetism, and that Assault Pistol is nasty within 8" - especially with his Visor ignoring Camo effects.

The Kamau Hacker is mostly here to bolster the REMs with Supportware. She can put Assisted Fire (grants Marksmanship Lvl 2, which means you ignore your enemy's cover on BS rolls!) on the Bulleteer or Peacemaker from anywhere on the table, since they are Repeaters, but needs to be within 8" of the Sierra to do so. Ignoring cover is awesome! If your target is foolishly out of cover and only has 1 wound on the profile... go ahead and downgrade to Marksmanship Lvl 1 and make those guns have Shock ammo. She can only run 1 Supportware program at a time, so you'll have to decide which bot needs it at what time.

The Sierra Dronbot has Total Reaction which means it will fire its full burst of 4 with its HMG even in the Reactive turn. And it can see in all directions (360° Visor). It's a nightmare to deal with - your opponents will hate it.

The Bulleteer Armbot is packing a Spitfire and has ODD, which means you can get it into some very favorable matchups. In your +3 range of up to 24", ignoring cover because of the Assisted Fire Supportware from the Kamau, you are hitting with 4 dice on 15s. Meanwhile, catch an enemy combi rifle, MULTI rifle, or Plasma Rifle in that 16-24" band and they will be -3 for range, -3 for your cover, and -6 for the Bulleteer's ODD - a maxed out MOD of -12 to their BS! Often times they can't even hit, so will have to dodge. With good maneuvering, this bastard can severely reduce an enemy's order pool by picking on the "order monkeys" that can't even hit it back.

The Peacemaker Armbot can start halfway across the table thanks to Mechanised Deployment.  That means it will be a lot easier to get into that sweet +6 range band of its Heavy Shotgun (within 8"). Thankfully the auxbot can watch its flanks and rear, since it will be venturing largely unsupported into enemy territory. You can pair this with the Infiltrating Konstantinos for mutual support.

Finally, the Akal Commando. I prefer the Boarding Shotgun for the +6 range band and the small teardrop it places on impact, but the extra point is available if you want to swap it out for the Combi Rifle version. This AD: Combat Jump Troop can land anywhere on the table that you can fit the Circular Template (free of terrain or models), but that requires a PH roll. The Kamau can use the Controlled Jump program to add +3 to his target number for the jump, giving him a 70% chance of success... But I prefer to take luck completely out of it if I can, and downgrade to AD: Airborne Infiltration and walk in from a board edge. The idea with this guy is to get behind enemy lines and disrupt the supporting backfield, taking out Hackers and other Specialists, "cheerleaders," fireteams (who tend to get bunched up), or even the enemy Lieutenant. Careful placement and movement to limit AROs is key, but if he can line that shotgun blast up against 4 dudes hiding in a line behind a building... Watch out. Good times.

So with the aggressive Peacemaker, Konstantinos, and Akal being all up in the opponent's grill on Turn one, he has to spend time (and Orders!) dealing with those threats while your troops can work on objectives on your side of the table. Later in the game, the PanO fire support and forward attack should have softened up the enemy enough for you to extend your specialists forward, grabbing more advanced objectives.  Having only 3 Specialists is pretty light - I normally like to have 5 in a list because they earn you the OP in ITS - but the shock and awe of the forward attack paired with monstrous backline fire support means that the thing you have to be most concerned about is putting your opponent in Retreat too early in the game, before you claim all the OP that you can!

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  1. Army looks slick, I forwarded this post to a few of the new players in my meta. Your list breakdown with tactical assessment is nice to see. In the future can we get more of this when you show the final group shot. Knowing why folks pick some units and how they expect to use them is insightful and helpful to new players who are trying to wrap their heads around new concepts and ideas tacticaly. Bravo Zulu