July 23, 2015

Infinity - USAriadna: USARF Grunt

There is a brand new Infinity sectorial army coming out right now, and it is the USAriadna Ranger Force sectorial of Ariadna! These models are available for pre-order now, and will be available at GenCon next week.

The Grunts are the basic line Infantry of the USARF. Whereas most factions have ARM 1 Light Infantry as their core troops, the USARF has these ARM 3 Medium Infantry as theirs, for only 10 points. So good!

BTK is an homage to Full Metal Jacket's "Born To Kill" (which is too much to write on such a tiny head!).

To add a little subtle variety to all of the Green throughout the army, I glazed different portions with different colors to tint them. "Hard" parts like armor and helmet were glazed with VMC Brown Violet 093. Pouches and packs were glazed with P3 Battlefield Brown.


  1. Tom, I couldn't help but notice his base is significantly different from the previous USARF you've shown... is there a reason for that?