August 18, 2015

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Moira

This week, we have the boxed set of Reverend Moiras for the Nomads factions of Infinity: The Game. Up first is this lovely lady with Shock Close Combat Weapon.

The black was based with black, and highlights were airbrushed with VMC Black Grey 168, Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, and Light Grey 155. Then using a brush they were lined with Black, and then edge highlighted with Neutral Grey and Light Grey.

Silver parts were further highlighted up to white, and given a thin glaze in places of P3 Cygnar Blue Base + a drop of VGC Turquoise to tint them.

The green sword was painted with VMC Lime Green 77, highlighted with Yellow Green 078 <> White. Shadows were glazed into place with P3 Wurm Green and GW Snot Green. The whole thing was given a translucent glaze of Yellow Ink with just a touch of Green Ink mixed into it.

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