August 3, 2015

Infinity - USAriadna: 5th Minutemen, "Ohio"

The 5th Minutemen, "Ohio" are another possible fireteam for your USAriadna army. Burst 3 flamethrowers on the Active Turn, anyone?

A family photo of the USAriadna starter pack that is included in the Army Pack:

The white markings - stars, rank insignia, etc - were painted using VGC Stonewall Grey and White. I would line the edges with Military Green 089 to tighten up the designs and set them off from the armor.


  1. Not sure if you will see this, but do you recall which colors you used for the greens on the clothes and armor?

    1. Not sure which post it's in, but if you look through all the USAriadna stuff, there's a recipe for the green on one of them!