May 15, 2014

Executive VIP

This civilian miniature can be found in the Dire Foes Mission Pack #4 - Flee or Die that features Indigo Brother Konstantinos vs Hassassin Husam Yasbir. I needed a civvie model for our next Infinity mission, so got this one painted up.

The jacket, skirt, and stockings were painted Black, VMC Black Grey, VMC Neutral Grey, and VMC Light Grey. The stockings were then glazed with VMC Smoke.

The blue-white was painted GW Ice Blue (VGC Glacier Blue), then shaded with VMC Turquoise and highlighted with P3 Frostbite and White. Lined with VMC Dark Prussian Blue.

The base was VMC Mahogany Brown, VMC Orange Brown, GW Vomit Brown (VGC Filthy Brown), VMC Ice Yellow (very small highlights), VMC Hull Red (lining and shading).

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you are using your airbrushing to good effect.

    Great composition.