May 13, 2014

Keisotsu Butai

I have painted up a fire team of Keisotsu Butai - Line Infantry for the Yu Jing Faction of Infinity: The Game.

Four of them I will be using to run demo games; but since I was already painting four, I might as well get the fifth one done at the same time.

The team features three Keisotsu Butail with Combi-Rifles, one with a Missile Launcher, and one with an HMG.

The Keisotsu are older Infinity sculpts, but the one-piece design of the combi-rifle infantry made them very appealing to use for demo games.

The orange-red color was based with Vallejo Model Colour 814 Burnt Cadmium Red. The darker Vallejo reds cover very well in a single coat over a black undercoat (which is what I always use).
The highlights were then built up with P3 Skorne Red, P3 Khador Red Base, GW Blazing Orange, VMC 911 Light Orange, P3 Heartfire, and VMC 949 Light Yellow.

The grey cloth of the pantaloons was airbrushed over the black primer, first with VMC 862 Black Grey, then VMC 992 Neutral Grey and lastly VMC 990 Light Grey. Line highlights were added with those last two colors, and I used black grey and black to brush in lining and shadows between pleats.


  1. Looks really good, the pants came out great. Is there any time savings airbrushing your highlights over regular blending?

  2. Very nice. These are perhaps some of my favorite infinity models. Check out mine:

    well done schadle.