May 28, 2014

Infinity: Tohaa Hatail Spec-Ops

Over on MayaCast*, we are running a little Infinity painting contest. Just a single figure, nothing fancy, winner gets an Infinity boxed set. We just wanted to encourage everyone to get another figure painted up this month for their army, so we decided the hosts better participate, too! This is what I got done.

This is the Hatail Spec-Ops model of the Tohaa faction for Infinity: The Game. Spec-Ops can represent any of your basic troop types, are packaged with a variety of extra weapons, and in Campaign: Paradiso they can use Objective Points to increase their stats as well as buy new equipment and skills.

I have named this one Leeam Neesaan (which is kinda funny if you are familiar with Tohaa names), but he died in our Campaign, so now he is Leeam Neesan Ahl-so.

There the two Spec-Ops models pose together: Leeam Neesan and Aelis Keesan. Then the whole family of Tohaa so far.

*MayaCast is the Infinity podcast that I host with Kip Parcell, in case you didn't know. If this is the first you're hearing of it, we sure would appreciate your "Like" on our Facebook page, and even if you don't listen, we will happily accept your download of the monthly shows. Or subscribe to the RSS Feed.


  1. Hey Tom, not sure if you get any notifications on comments in old posts, but I was wondering what colours did you use in the bases? I recently got a few packs of the same Omega Primes for my PanO force and Jeff posted a link to this article as I was asking around the DF Facebook page for examples :)

  2. I think I just answered you in the other place you asked it!