September 9, 2014

Infinity - Nomads Alguacil #2

Another Nomad Alguacil from Infinity's Operation: Icestorm starter box. These models will be used for giving Infinity 3rd Edition Demos, using just the box contents.

The red is based with GW Blood Red (or VGC Bloody Red). Shadows are applied with VMC Black Red (035) and then VMC Hull Red (146). Highlights are built up adding VMC Sunny Skintone (020) to Blood Red. Add VMC Ivory (005) for final highlights. To tone down the pinkness, Glaze with thinned Red Ink (about 8 parts water to 1 part ink). Line with a mixture of Hull Red and Black Ink. Edge highlights are a mix of Sunny Skin Tone and Blood Red, and finally VMC ICe Yellow (013).


  1. Nice Paint job Tom, where did you source the bases?

    1. These are the Tunguska Bases by Warsenal! Check them out at