September 8, 2014

Infinity - Nomads Alquacil

Time to get started on "Team Red" from the Operation: Icestorm box for Infinity: The Game.

Up first is the first line infantry for the Nomads - an Alguacil (Portuguese for Sheriff) with Combi-Rifle.

The base is a Tunguskan Base from Warsenal. I think they look pretty slick.

The base is painted black, then airbrushed P3 Coal Black, P3 Exile Blue, and then a mix of Exile Blue and P3 Underbelly Blue. It is then lined where necessary with black, and edge highlighted mixing Underbelly Blue and Exile Blue.


  1. Do you paint the base separately Tom?

    1. No, but I wish that I had. The time it takes to temporarily mount the models on a painting handle, then transfer them is probably a lot less than the masking, and trying to reach in between legs and stuff.