December 28, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Acontecimento Regular 1

This begins the second batch of PanOceania for the same client. This batch will be more focused on the Shock Army of Acontecimento, and begins with their basic line infantry, the Acontecimento Regulars. Let's call this one "Sawyer."

I'm using all the same colors for this batch of PanOceania, of course, but the green is the new color for the Shock Army.

The green starts with a basecoat of VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green. This is highlighted with 082 Olive Green <> 079 Golden Olive <> 020 Sunny Skintone <> 005 Ivory. It is lined with RMS Green Liner, and shadows are glazed in with 089 Military Green.

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