December 1, 2015

Warsenal Tohaa Bases

These are new resin Tohaa bases by Warsenal.

After priming black, I airbrushed the bases with VMC 103 German Camo Beige WWII. Then Airbrushed some more, working toward the edges of the base (leaving the centers darker) with 123 Dark Sand. I then drybrushed the texture with those same two colors - when airbrushed, the colors will be darker over the black primer as they are so thin, so you can use the same colors to highlight you used to airbrush, and they will be brighter. I did some light drybrushing to finish up with VMC 005 Ivory.

After drybrushing, I washed certain area with VGC Turquoise to add tones and shadows. Then I glazed some areas with VMC 078 Yellow Green.

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