November 30, 2015

Warsenal - Comanche Emplacements

I painted these Comanche Emplacements from Warsenal to add to my Infinity: The Game terrain collection. Quick and easy to build, fun to paint, and they make great cover.

I have done a 3-part step-by-step tutorial over on the Warsenal Blog that you can check out. Here's a recap of the recipes, though:

GREEN: VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green, 081 Medium Olive <> 079 Golden Olive <> 020 Sunny Skin Tone <> Ivory. 089 Military Green.

STEEL: VMC 168 Black Grey, 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, White. Black.

RUST: VMC 131 Orange Brown + 137 Cavalry Brown

CHIPS: VMC 151 German Camo Black Brown

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