November 10, 2015

Infinity - Tohaa: Hatail SpecOps

When not being used as an actual SpecOps, the SpecOps models may be used as a proxy for any similarly-armed troop profile in the army. They come with an alternate head and extra weapons in the pack.

The orange details are based with VMC 131 Orange Brown <> VGC Scrofulous Brown <> VMC 013 Ice Yellow. They are shaded with VGC Hot Orange and lined with VMC 137 Cavalry Brown.


  1. If you have +10 visits per day at this entry it´s my fault.
    Im making this miniature´s cosplay, and I love your paintwork, it helps me a lot with my work.

    Do you mind if I use your post link in some of my entries? so people can see you amazing paintjob.

  2. Thanks - I don't mind at all! Can't wait to see it.


  3. Tom, you can see here how the cosplay is going, again, I love all your works (literally, all of them) i hope you will enjoy it