November 13, 2015

Infinity - Tohaa: Kotail Mobile Unit

This guy is faster than your average Tohaa at 6-4 MOV, and also has Super-Jump so he is, as his name suggests, very mobile. He also comes with a Holoprojector to keep him safe. Which one of those 3 is the REAL Kotail? You'll have to guess, and maybe shoot a Holoecho instead.

The Symbiont Armor found on some Tohaa models was based with VGC Scrofulous Brown. This was then shaded using washes of VMC 131 Orange Brown, VGC Hot Orange, and (sparingly) VMC 137 Cavalry Brown. Scrofulous was then re-applied as a highlight, adding in VMC 013 Ice Yellow for further highlights. Final highlights added with pure Ice Yellow.

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