November 4, 2015

Infinity - Tohaa: Chaksa Auxiliar with HMG

The latest Infinity army that I finished off was a 17-model Tohaa army that I will be sharing over the next several weeks. First up is one of my favorite models from the whole job, the Chaksa Auxiliar with HMG. The Chaksa are one of the races that the Tohaa have "exalted," modifying their very genetics to improve intelligence and reason.

The bases for all of the models in this army were painted as follows:

Prime Black.
Airbrush VMC 166 Dark Grey.
Highlight, using the airbrush, with VMC 160 Neutral Grey. Highlight the edges of the base, leaving the center dark.
Airbrush another highlight with VMC 155 Light Grey.
Shade the center of the base by airbrushing VMC 168 Black Grey, and then with Black.
With a fine point brush, highlight the edges of the panels with Neutral Grey, Light Grey, and White.
With thinned-down black paint, glaze any segments of the base that look like pipes or tubes.
Glaze select panels with VMC 146 Hull Red. Allow the highlights of the airbrushed undercoat to show through, so this should be translucent. Don't use too much paint.
Edge highlight those areas with VMC 131 Orange Brown.
For the green glowy bits:
Airbrush VMC 080 German Camo Bright Green. Highlight (airbrush) toward the center with P3 Wyrm Green, P3 Necrotite Green, VMC 078 Yellow Green, 015 Flat Yellow, and 013 Ice Yellow.

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