November 16, 2015

Infinity - Hazmat

This is a civilian model for Infinity: The Game from the Viral Outbreak Dire Foes box that can be used as an HVT in ITS Missions.

She is a prize for a raffle winner chosen from the Patreon sponsors of MayaCast.

The Base was provided by Black Sheep Industries.

To paint the orange suit, I first underpainted with an airbrush using VMC Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, Light Grey 155 and white over black primer. Each successive color was sprayed from a higher and higher angle above the model (Dark grey straight-on to the model through white being from directly overhead), to provide the basic highlight structure for the model.

After the underpainting, I used Vallejo Model Air Hot Orange to spray the whole model. The underpainting provided much of the shading and highlights.

Shadows were reinforced with VMA Bloody Red, and highlights reinforced with Orange Fire.

Lining was done with VMC 137 Cavalry Brown and 035 Black Red. Edge highlights were added with 022 Light Orange <> 013 Ice Yellow.

Her blond hair is a recipe I use a lot. It starts with VMC 135 Beige Brown, then 119 Green Ochre, 125 Desert Yellow, 123 Dark Sand, 007 Pale Sand.

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