December 10, 2015

Infinity - Steel Phalanx: Eudoros

Eudoros can lead a fireteam of Myrmidons thanks to his Fireteam: Enomotarchos rule. He's a nifty toolbox with ODD and ARM 3 to keep him upright (and essentially 2 Wounds), a MK 12 for damage output and Zero-V Smoke Grenades to keep his team safe on their approach. Get too close, and he can be B2 in close combat thanks to Martial Arts Level 4, at CC 21 with a DA CCW.

The Flesh is based with VMC 017 Basic Skintone. This is shaded with translucent glazes of a mix of 132 Brown Sand and 047 Violet. Intermediate transitions can be done mixing Basic Skintone into that mix. Highlights are done by adding 006 Light Flesh, and then 005 Ivory into the 017 Basic Skintone.

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