June 10, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Achilles

A new Aleph force for Infinity the Game begins with the mighty Achilles. I will post a different color recipe with each figure, and at the end of this post I will start with the main white armor color that dominates the color scheme.

All of these upcoming Aleph models are based on Warsenal's excellent Tunguskan Bases, mounted on top of a standard Infinity plastic base.

The white began by airbrushing VGC Shadow Grey over a black-primed undercoat. This was mixed with Wolf Grey for airbrushed Highlights, then pure Wolf Grey, and finally white. VMC Blue Green 070 was added to the Shadow Grey and shadows were applied. Intense Blue 052 was added to that mix for further shading.

Once the airbrushing was done, panel lines were darkened with RMS Grey Liner and edges picked out with Wolf Grey and White.