June 14, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Atalanta

Atalanta is a deadly sniper for Aleph, as her cute li'l SpotBot grants her +3 to her BS of 14, making it an impressive 17. With the far-reaching +3 range of her Sniper Rifle, she will need a 20 or less on a D20 in order to hit. I hear that's good.

There are two different blacks in use on these Aleph models. First is a sort of violet-black, used mainly on the softer areas, like armor insets, cloth, and the like.

It is painted with a mix of Black and VMC Violet 047 <> Ice Yellow 013 <> White, and then shaded and lined with Black.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tom. Great painting! Also loving the podcast. I'm new to Infinity and our small group has managed to play a handful of small skirmishes. What a great game! Keep up the awesome work!