June 22, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Teucer

Teucer is another Marksman character for the Steel Phalanx of Aleph. Armed with a mighty Feuerbach, his Marksmanship Level X allows him to drop the weapon's burst from 2 to 1 in order to add +6 to his BS of 14 - Again, hitting on a 20 or less on a D20 is pretty good. If the target is in your good range band and out of cover (dummy), you hit on 23s - that adds 3 to your die rolls!

The harder black, used on weapons and equipment mostly is unsurprisingly painted Black, then highlighted with VMC Black Grey 168, Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, Light Grey 155 and White. The silver bits are painted the same way, but the highlights take up more real estate than they do on the black bits. And then the silver is glazed in areas with Intense Blue 052.


  1. Hey Tom. Great work once again! Can I just ask, do you build all your miniatures first or do you paint some of them before assembly?

    1. Ask him on FB. More likely to get a response