August 4, 2013

I'm Too Sexy for Terrain

I've got the MAS Catwalks all painted up now, although I do need to get another set of them.

This kit went together the easiest out of all the different MAS ones. And painted fast as well.

If I remove the balcony, I can use the steps as a fire escape up to the second floor door.

I have armor for these catwalks that I can hang on them to add extra cover. But before I get to the armor, I have 7 more MAS buildings to paint! DuelCon is Coming. 

Simple enough to airbrush on: Base coat with VMC Neutral Grey, Highlight with VMC Light Grey, Further Highlights with VMC White. Then Shade with VMC Black Grey, and finally VMC Black. A little staining was airbrushed on with P3 Bloodstone.