August 1, 2013

This MAS Building has the blues...

Finished up a third Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartment building, 2-stories. That leaves 7 MAS buildings to go before DuelCon on September 27!

Appropriate for the Military Orders to have invaded the building, as we cover PanOceania sectorial armies in Episode 18 of the Infinity O-12 Podcast.


  1. And a great episode it was too. :) Although I think our tastes differ when regarding the CA. :P

  2. Hey Tom, looks fantastic.

    Question. I'm about to paint mine for the first time. Any problem with bleed though, it being wood and all? What color primer did you use on this one?

  3. I first primed black, total coverage. Then primed again with white but only from the top 45-degree angle... covered probably 70% and created some natural shadows.

    The two layers of primer helped seal the wood so it didn't soak up paint too crazy.

  4. Which paint did you use I would love to use the same paint scheme