July 29, 2013

Micro Art Studios, more Defiance Barriers

I painted another batch of 5 Barriers from Defiance Games. This left me with two; one will be blue and one green, to match the first two that I painted as testers.

The problem I had was that I first painted them to match the Underground Lasers Cubes I did a few weeks ago. But, when I masked and painted the blue stripe across the middle... it completely covered the transition between the Hawk Turquoise and the Space Wolf Grey. So what I ended up with were barriers that look like they are in tri-colored stripes.  Sigh.  Not what I wanted.  They are very "Pan-Oceania," though, aren't they?

I got two of the Micro Art Studio buildings painted so far. First up, one of their newer releases, the Guard House.

Next, a two-story District 5 Apartment. They come as three-story kits, but I used one of the stories with one of the L-Shaped buildings.

The lights are super-easy to do with Badger's Minitaire Ghost Tints. First, just blast them with some white from the airbrush - you want overspray to the surrounding areas, just not opaque. Concentrate the spray toward the center of the light, though, so that is where it will be brightest. Then just spray a light coat or two of Ghost Tint over it, and Bob, as they say, is your mother's brother.


  1. Ooooo.....nice tip on the Ghost tints. Thank you Tom

  2. Looking good as usual Tom! I wanna see what you do with one of ours :)

  3. Bill - Me too! Me. Too.
    There's a hint a wink and a nudge in that...