July 17, 2013

The Last Underground Lasers Bits

I've finished up the last of the Underground Lasers terrain that I purchased for the Infinity Tournaments we are hosting at DuelCon. Bridges/Walkways, Ammo Crates, and a Radar Dish. As soon as I get these sealed, it'll be time for a proper photo shoot.

The glowing effect works a lot better against a dark background than it does a light background (as you'll see in a bit), so I will be repainting the fronts of the billboards before I am truly "done." These 4 walkways will span the gaps between cubes, containers and the large containers.

Up next were all the little ammo crates. Some I glued together into interesting "clumps," using an Infinity model for scale. The standard rectangles are how they are meant to be built. The smaller ones as well as the low, flat squares were "conversions," if you will.

The Green Crates were primed Black, then airbrushed a base coat of VMC 091 US Olive Drab. This was highlighted by adding VMC 020 Sunny Skintone to the base color, and shaded with VMC 100 Black Green. It was quickly lined with pure Sunny Skintone, and I added some interest by applying a mix of P3 Beaten Purple and P3 Sanguine Base to the shadows.

Yellow Crates were base coated VMC 121 Yellow Ochre over black primer. Highlights were added with VMC 012 German Yellow. They were shaded with P3 Traitor Green, then P3 Beaten Purple. Line highlights added with German Yellow.

I base-coated the Blue Crates with P3 Cygnar Blue Base. Highlights started with P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight, then GW Ice Blue, and finally P3 Frostbite. Shading was added with VMC 048 Dark Sea Blue and some VMC 137 Cavalry Brown was added for interest. Lining was done with mostly the Ice Blue, and sparingly with the Frostbite, because it was very stark.

Weathering was done by sponging on paint chips using blister pack foam. This was done with P3 Bloodstone, P3 Umbral Umber, and Black.

The Radar Dish fits atop one of the Cargo Cubes - indeed, the kit comes complete with one Cube and one Dish.

Over black primer, this was base-coatd in VMC 167 German Grey. Shadows were added with VMC 168 Black Grey with some black ink mixed into it, and then with pure black. Highlights were then applied with VMC 160 Neutral Grey, GW Fortress Grey, and White.

The blue-green glowy bits were first airbrushed white, and then with Minitaire Ghost Tints "Plasma Fluid."

If only this meant that I was done with ALL the terrain we'll need by the end of September...

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