July 21, 2013

Finished Terrain Pictures

Here are some final photos of the Underground Lasers terrain, as I move from that completed project onto the next.

Their terrain system is based on the Cargo Cube.

There is a ladder that slides into the side mounts.

Then they have a storage container twice as long, a Sci-Fi Shipping Container.


The large storage container is twice the size of the long one, or four Cubes.

There are ladders that can be inserted when the hatches are open.

The notches in the roof rails allow the long containers to connect on top of the large containers.

To stack a small Cube on top of the Large Container, they include a support footing. I didn't know what these were for at first - I had to write in and ask.

 There are bridges that span between containers.

One kit makes a radar array - it comes complete with its base cube.

They sent me some Billboards. I'll give out 2 as prizes at DuelCon, and keep one to rep their brand when I set up my table.

 They offer a really economical scatter terrain solution in the form of these ammo crates.

I glued some permanently together into useful stacks.

I "converted" a couple by using just the short sides to build a couple. The ones made of just the long sides were topped off with textured plasticard.

 Let's see how they stack up against some Infinity miniatures.

Glad to be done with all my cubes and their accoutrements!

 Our breakfast table will have to stand in for a gaming table as I put together a few combinations.

As I mentioned when I built the things, the way they go together and line up is pretty slick. They are very easy to assemble, and quick to paint up.

I hope they make some sort of armored wall system to clip on to the top edges of the various containers, so that models a the tops of structures can receive some cover.

Also, longer bridges would be excellent.

You can see that some of the cuts have jagged, stepped lines (like an old Atari 2600 game), instead of nice, smooth cuts. I don't know if that's an issue with the laser or the software, but hopefully they will soon match the smooth precision of some of the other MDF/HDF terrain that's out there.

Ultimately, I am supremely happy with the product and the guys who are starting up that business. Easy to build, easy to paint, and looks great on the table. Now to get some games in with it!

Next up - A whole mess of Micro Art Studio terrain.





  1. Very nice. Gonna steal your colors. Can't wait to see the MAS stuff since thats the stuff I already have.

  2. Nice work. Underground Lasers just released a perimeter wall container today. It has a half height wall to provide some cover. Also he has listed his list of items he'll be designing next and it includes a 10" long walkway/bridge.

  3. I saw the perimeter walkways - but those are whole new Cubes. I'm hoping they do a set of armor that attaches to THESE cubes that I can clip on, a la the armor for the catwalks that Micro Art does.

  4. Hey guys looking good.

    Alright I'll try and answer some of the points stated above.

    - We fixed that jagged edge issue, I had to increase the frequency of the laser so now the cuts are smooth. (any one that has gotten the latest shipments can comment on this).

    - There are walls that clip to the window guards, I gave my prototype set to a friend from NYC, I'll print a set tomorrow morning and post pictures on our facebook page Tuesday night. I was waiting for more products to be out in the wild before I start releasing "expansion packs" since there was no way for me to include them on the normal kits.

    - There are several expansion packs planned, like medical room kit, computer room kit and roof kits.

    - the 10" walkway is done, I just don't want to release to many things at once since I want to do at least 1 new item a week till our release date.

    Again thanks for the great write up, they look great


  5. See ladies and gentlemen? Told you they were great guys!

    Frank - All of that sounds awesome! Your Cannon is looking great, too. Can't wait to see your acrylic bits.