July 9, 2013

Underground Lasers Crates Finished

I've completed the majority of the terrain from Underground Lasers now. I have 4 walkways and a radar dish to paint, but all the main buildings are now done. Still crummy iPhone pictures instead of proper pics, but I'll wait until it's ALL done before busting out the real camera.

I don't know whether I like the without flash or with flash photos better - but the truth probably lies right in the middle.

Here's the paint recipe for the crates, after underpainting with Black, grey, and white primer:

Airbrush shadows with VMC 070 Green Blue, GW Hawk Turquoise, P3 Coal Black.
Airbrush sparingly with P3 Sanguine base in shadows.
Airbrush highlights with GW Space Wolf Grey.
Edge highlight (brush) P3 Morrow White.

Paint chips sponged on with blister pack foam using VMC 146 Hull Red

Airbrush Weathering with P3 Hammerfall Khaki, P3 Bloodstone

Orange Arrows were baed with GW MAcharius Solar Orange, Highlighted with P3 Ember Orange, then final highlights with GW Golden Yellow. That didn't have enough "pop" for me, so I did an even further highlight with VMC 010 Light Yellow.

One step closer to having another Infinity table ready for DuelCon 2013! Thanks, Underground Lasers!


  1. Awesome Tom. What type of compressor do you use? About to pick one up and would love a tip. Also, what do you thin your paints with?

  2. I use this one: http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/airstream-mini-airbrush-compressor-724393/
    I don't know if it's "good" or not - But it seems to work awesome for me!
    I like it because it is very small, and takes up little room on the table top. It's also fairly quiet - doesn't bother my wife when she's asleep in the next room. And, at Hobby Lobby, you can print out a 40% off coupon every day, so... Win!

  3. Nice work, I really like the contrast. Couple of questions about your painting process...

    1. You mention grey, white and black primer, are you doing a zenithal airbrush with the primer?
    2.The shadows, the colors you listed is that your light to dark progression?


  4. Not airbrush, but rattle-cans (spray paint). I think I talk about it in earlier articles, but the black is total coverage, the grey covers about 75% and the white 30% or so. So, yes, zenithial, to inform where the highlights will go.

    I think zenithial might be a word painters made up. Spellcheck hates it. Doesn't like NMM or OSL, either... silly painterly things...

    Shadows - they are light to dark. So each color covers less area, building darker shadows.

  5. Hey Tom! The blog is looking great so far - Nice work! I will be keeping a keen eye out for Technique Tuesdays. How much do you use your airbrush for painting regular minis??

  6. I haven't used the airbrush yet for "regular" minis - Just Terrain and "Doomsday" for Wild West Exodus; that thing is a tank model about twice the size of the Khador Gun Carriage.

  7. Thanks for this Tom!

    I used the recipe for my Sarissa terrain and it came up an absolute treat!