July 24, 2013

I re-shot some photos, trying to sort out my exposure issues. Same Barricades I posted earlier today.


  1. I love how you have painted the yellow, the shading and the colour you chose is fantastic

  2. Geez! Who the hell told you you knew how to paint? ;-)

    These came out great, and I think both you and Tony got something good out of this.

    I'm using a box of Defiance's UAMC as a Myrmidon army. Gotta love guys with AVA: Total, ODD's, smoke grenades, and great stats for only 25 points each. :-P Well, whenever I get to play them next. They are kind of a broken list (throw in a doctor and a Daysu sniper), and I feel dirty just talking about it. It only took a single box of UAMC and a little green stuff to make all 22 models, including the Sophitect, Naga, Dasyu, Achilles, and weapon options.

  3. So, I have 7 barricades left unpainted. I am NOT doing any more hazard stripes! Color suggestions?