July 24, 2013

Caution! More Barriers!

Today I've got some more of the Defiance Games barriers. The pictures are pretty dark - white balance has turned the grey side black. The pics with figs are much closer to the actual colors, so I think I will take another set of pictures later and include something for the white balance to focus on that I can crop out later.

Took longer to mask them off than to paint them...


  1. Very nice..........ahem.........

  2. OK, fine. ;)

    Black is basecoated VMC 168 Black Grey.
    Highlighted with VMC 160 Neutral Grey.
    Further highlights adding White to the neutral grey.
    Shaded with Black.

    Yellow basecoat is VMC 130 Purpleheart Red
    Main Color GW Vomit Brown.
    Highlight with P3 Moldy Ochre.
    Further Highlight with VMC 009 Sand Yellow.
    Final Highlights VMC 005 Ivory.

    Weathering airbrushed with P3 Thornwood Green and P3 Bloodstone. Chips sponged with P3 Umbral Umber.
    Scratches painted with the highlight and shading colors of the surface they are painted on.

  3. haha I lurve you Tom. I'm copying this shit!

  4. This has truly become my fav blog! You the man!