July 22, 2013

Defiance Games!

I know I said Micro Art stuff was up next, but I got a package in today's mail that interrupted our regular broadcasting schedule...

Tony over at Defiance Games sent me some of their brand-spanking-new linear obstacle terrain. How new? They came stuffed in a manilla envelope, rolled up inside of a Priority Mail box. They don't even have packaging yet! These sic-fi barriers are going to mesh well into ANY 28-ish mm sci-fi game. 40K, Infinity, Necromunda, Warzone, and of course Defiance Games' own new game called Alien War.


When I saw the photos online, I didn't see how they were going to stand up on their own without some kind of cross-piece. But they are plenty wide enough to stand up, despite their deceptively slender profile, and even survive some table bumpage.

They are made out of plastic, and the plastic is way closer to a GW model (especially an older GW model) than it is that weird stuff that Privateer Press uses. Mold lines scraped away easily with a sharp X-Acto blade, and as they are one piece there is no assembly required!

They are going to package 15 of these barriers in a single box for under 30 bucks. Less than $2 apiece sounds pretty good to me. They measure 3 1/8" long, so that is 46 7/8" of barrier. They stand 1" high, which is perfect. Especially in Infinity - it will provide cover, and you won't have to Climb to get over it.

Defiance Games also has some slick Cargo Containers. If you've been scouring Ebay for those AT-43 containers to use as terrain, these certainly fit the bill. There are options to have double-doors at both ends, a normal end cap, or turn it around to make it a refrigerated unit. And the doors are pegged, so if you don't glue them you can open and close the container.


I got both crates built and all 15 barriers scraped clean of mold lines in under an hour. I even had time left over to get one painted - and they just arrived in my mailbox after work today! Sweet!


  1. I agree, they look pretty cool! And your paintjob is really cool as well!

  2. No, Tim - Damn you! Heh... Base Coat VMC Dark Prussian Blue. Highlight VMC Field Blue. Add VMC Desert Yellow to the Field Blue for Highlight 2. Add white to the mix for another highlight.
    Shadow by re-applying Dark Prussian Blue, and final shadows with black.

    I didn't add any weathering, except the chips (added with black and the also the final highlight color). Probably do that tonight.

    Finished a green one just like this in the 15 minutes before work today!

  3. Pics or it didn't happen. ;)

  4. Can't comment with Pics, it appears. I'd have to do a whole new post... Facebook, I suppose, then.

  5. I'd like to point out that those are just being resold by Defiance (with a markup), Ken from proxiemodels.com is the guy that actually makes them. Proxiemodels is awesome, he mills all the molds himself and does hard plastic casting literally right out in his garage using a combination of home-made and old equipment, kind of the ultimate do-it-yourselfer! He's super nice and has some great (and cheap) plastic bases.

    Those barricades have already been available on Proxiemodels' webstore for some time in packs of 6 walls for $7 (considerably cheaper than defiance. The shipping container is something he made for rustforge.com and unfortunately is not available through his webstore, but Defiance has a pack of 2 for $30 while they are $13 each directly through rustforge. I can't vouch for rustforge as I've never ordered from them, but Proxiemodels is very fast and has cheap shipping. I've been ordering from him for years since I love his style of bases and he's very responsive to requests. Can't praise the guy enough!

  6. Thanks Elladrion - Ken is great! Both Rust Forge and Ken at Proxie chose us to distribute these in order to get them out to as many places as possible - especially into your local hobby shops.

  7. Tom you're an inspiration man! Keep up the amazing works!