August 26, 2013

Warmill Terrain

Well, GenCon has come and gone and I am slowly recovering. Not the normal recovery of voice and exhaustion, but the recovery of standing on solid concrete for ten hours a day for four days straight...

So while the trip to Indianapolis was definitely a lot more work than it was pleasure, I am now able to get back into prepping for our DuelCon tournaments.

Harry from Warmill has come through for the Infinity events at DuelCon in a BIG way. Not only did he offer me a wholesale discount so that I could populate a table with his terrain, he included more prize support than any other company we've asked to date.

I've started last-minute construction of the terrain I purchased:

I still have three sets left to build, which I will tackle tonight. But look at all the awesome stuff they sent in to give away as prizes!!

I don't know how much that costs in retail, but I'm pretty sure it's like a million dollars.

They also sent these - and I can't even find them on their web site for sale! Are they, perhaps, some super-secret preview product only available at DuelCon?!? All I know is... they're awesome!

As far as assembly - These Warmill buildings slot together SO much more smoothly than their MAS counterparts. Anyone who has built an MAS building knows that you wake up with a raging case of "Nintendo Thumbs" the next morning. With these, they have shaved off whatever fraction of a millimeter that they needed to to make them fit together easily. Sure, you have to glue them - but I was gluing the Micro Art stuff anyway! These went together like a DREAM. And they have comprehensible instructions. Imagine that.

The little traffic barriers are pretty cool. They transform! When opened like in the first picture, they presumably stop traffic and provide cover. But when the local planetary militia needs to move them elsewhere, they collapse into a flat pack that can be carried. And the models actually DO THAT. Neat stuff.

Their sense of humor is remarkable, too. The FoodBooth model that I chose was the "Dolphin Shack." Intelligent... and Delicious! Lots of jokes on the acrylic menu signs. Good stuff. Lots of character from their whole range.

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