August 10, 2013

Infinity T-Shirts

On Episode 17 of the Infinity O-12 Podcast, we had a Fan Art Contest, and the winner was announced on Episode 18. Running away with it, David Montalvan made this awesome design of Scarface & Cordelia:

It was so awesome, in fact, that we just HAD to make T-Shirts of it. Working with a local screen printer, we are able to offer these T-Shirts for $15 apiece ($18 for double and triple XL). $6 US/Canada Shipping, and $12 International. They'll be available in Red or standard gamer Black.

You can send payments via PayPal to  Just make sure to include your Name, Mailing Address, Shirt Size and Color Preference in the notes.

We need to get 36 or more orders to make them, though. We have about 25 so far. If you'd like one - do it now! We're only doing a single print run. If you know someone you think might dig it - by all means, let them know!

Our original order deadline was this Sunday, August 11 - but if we don't get enough, we'll hang on to hope one more week and see what we have when we get back from GenCon.  If we don't hit 36, any orders will get immediately refunded.

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