March 2, 2015

Steel Phalanx - Achilles

The Steel Phalanx, or Assault Sub-Section, is a sectorial army of Aleph in Infinity: The Game. The army list is themed around Homeric heroes of legend. The leader of this merry band is Achilles - a human-sized TAG that will wreck your face off.

The main armor color of purple seen throughout the army is based with VMC 047 Violet, then highlighted with 046 Blue Violet <> White. It is shaded with a mix of 047 Violet and Black, lined with RMS Violet Liner and edged with White.

The muscle fiber-bundles were shaded and tinted with Turquoise Ink.

Achilles' blonde hair was based VMC 153 Beige Brown, then highlighted with 119 Green Ochre, 125 Desert Yellow, 123 Dark Sand, 007 Pale Sand and 005 Ivory. Shadows and lining were done with 144 Camo Pale Violet Brown.

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