March 13, 2015

Steel Phalanx - Penthesilea, Amazon Warrior

Penthesilea is a daughter of Ares and an Amazon Queen. While historically killed by Achilles, they get along just fine in the Steel Phalanx of Aleph.

The magenta seen throughout the army is painted with P3 Murderous Magenta, highlighted with VMC 041 Sunset Red <> White. It is lined with a mixture of RMS Red Liner and Violet Liner, and edged with white. On the bases, the over-spray glow is done with Magenta Ghost Tint. Thinned white is allowed to flow into the center of the cracks.

Her red hair is based with VMC 034 Burnt Cadmium Red then highlighted with 031 Flat Red, VGC Bloody Red, and VMC 022 Light Orange.

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