March 5, 2015

Steel Phalanx - Myrmidon Officer

Leading the Fire Team of Myrmidons is the Myrmidon Officer. This model has the Chain of Command ability, so if Achilles goes down, the army will still not be in Loss of Lieutenant.

Steel Phalanx Fire Teams can be formed of soldiers of the same type, but must have a figure with the Enomotarchos skill to form and lead them. In ancient Greece, an Enomotarch was the leader of a sworn band of soldiers called an Enomoty. While historically a band of 25 to 36 Spartans, in the Steel Phalanx they can be a group of 3 or 4.

Her blue hair is based with VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue, then highlighted with 053 Dark Blue <> VGC Ice Blue <> White.

The skin on the army, while there is not much of it, was based VMC 017 Basic Skintone, then shaded with a mixture of 132 Brown Sand and 047 Violet. Then it is touched up with Basic Skintone again, and highlighted with 006 Light Flesh and 005 Ivory.


  1. Only recently been made aware of your work and it is fantastic! But I have to ask; what's up with the way she's holding the sword? Any idea of what the sculpture was going for?

    1. I imagine it as a challenge - she just spun it around, perfectly balanced on her palm, and pointed it at you to say "come get some."

      But after a little research, it looks like they were going for a certain fencing grip - more suited to an epee than a gladius, but still. Could be.