March 6, 2015

Steel Phalanx - Myrmidon Hacker

Rounding out the Enotomy of Myrmidons is the Hacker.

The silver bits in this Steel Phalanx army are painted the same way as the blacks are, but brought all the way up to white for highlights, and the highlights also take up more area than they do on the black. Then they are tinted with a mixture of P3 Cygnar Blue Base and VGC Turquoise. So:

Black, 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, White; P3 Cygnar Blue Base + VGC Turquoise

1 comment:

  1. "silver" is the visor?
    what technique did you use for the transitions on the purple ? was there any airbrushing involved ?