June 21, 2013

Infinity Friday! Father-Officer Gabriel de Fersen

Father-Officer Gabriel de Fersen of the Hospitaller Knightly Order is an interesting bit of kit for Military Orders players. He's a knight, so that means he's tough in close combat and has good armor - but he also carries a Spitfire, and is a Hacker. Fills a lot of roles, and is pretty survivable. I would try to not have him as my Lieutenant (there is NO F in that word!), as I want him running around doing stuff, and that's always dangerous. But since he's a Hacker, he counts as a Specialist Troop even if he's not your Lt, and between Paradiso and the new ITS missions, you're gonna need specialist troops.

Different Red recipe than the one used on the Khador "Extremoth."This one is:

VMC 035 Black Red Base Coat
P3 Skorne Red (main color) <> VMC 020 Sunny Skin Tone
Shade with P3 Sanguine Base
Glaze with very thin Red Ink
Line with RMS Red Liner

The armor was fun:

VMC 162 Basalt Grey <> White
Shade Basalt <> Black
Glaze VMC 053 Dark Blue
Glaze VMC 069 Turquoise
RMS Blue Liner (linining)
Hot "glint" highlights with pure white


  1. Awesome Tom.......2 questions

    Does <> mean 50/50?
    How thin is "very thin Red Ink"?
    Ratio/where bouts?

  2. Tim - probably 10:1 on the ink - depends on your ink! Just remember, if it's too thin, you can always do multiple coats. If it's too concentrated... Screwed!

    If you click on the "Recipes" tag, one of my posts describes what the <> means. It's a smooth transition between the two colors. However many mixes of color depends on how comfortable you are with your blends.

  3. Yes it would help if I read and let my fingers do the walking lol

    Thanks so much!